We are finally open for business!

About 5 months ago I sat down with my brother and spoke about opening an online store we could showcase some work he had been producing in his spare time.

This conversation was followed by a flourish of ideas which resulted in the production of two separate websites Teetropolis and The Geek Gallery which we felt were the best platforms to stage the ideas we had. 

Teetropolis would house our designs on T-Shirts whilst The Geek Gallery would produce direct replica prints.

Quickly forming a team (and using the handful of sketches my talented brother had painted in his spare time) we laid out the mission statement to everyone...

"Remember the movie, TV show or video game that you love the most and show it to us through art."

With ideas spanning nearly 40 years of cinema we were presented with some fantastic ideas for movie classics like Blade Runner, Big Trouble in Little China and of course the more obvious Star Wars.

After a great response from our early sketches on Instagram and Twitter we decided to push forward with some digital editing on our designs. The results were extremely pleasing and one by one our designs were born and ready to be shared with the world.

We hope you enjoy our work so far. Share with your friends through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. There's designs for all ages and many more to come.

We're ready to offer our customers more and more over the coming months and hope your with us for the long haul.

Ben Thompson (Co-founder)