About us

Our online store can be traced back to the UK where it was founded by two brothers. Our teams passion for movies, TV shows and video games have been the driving force behind the art we produce and we are now ready to unleash it upon the rest of the geek community all around the world.

All our art is original hand painted or drawn work that has been handed over to our digital team to edit and enhance.

We only use top of the range printers and tech to produce the final product so you can be assured of quality when you purchase our prints.

Since opening our virtual doors online last September 2016 we have been busy expanding our collection of art and our range of products to showcase. We will continue to do this throughout the Summer and the lead up to Christmas 2017

Our gallery has been home to some of the most popular fan art of the last six months including our Tim Burton inspired 'Couch' design. This piece was released last Halloween and has been printed and sold to all parts of the world many times over.

Our artists imagination has also produced a very special 'wizards meeting' between Gandalf and Dumbledore which had social media in a frenzy with the question of 'who would win in a fight?'

If you like art and movies, tv shows or even video games you'll find something in our gallery for you. Enjoy browsing and please don't hesitate to give us your feedback on social media. We have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks for looking and your continued support.

The Geek Gallery